Let Me Ask You A Question – 2/24/17


Let me ask you a question:

Have you ever accidentally started a rumor that spread like a wild fire?  

32 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 2/24/17

  1. oh hell yeh. I was deployed to Saudi Arabia in the summer of 92 and we had the 4th of July celebration while we were there. it was BBQ’d chicken, hamburgers, hotdogs, potato salad, cake, music, the whole 9 yards other than fireworks. the next day central park had all sorts of full garbage cans but all of the feral cats that were normally all over the place were noticeably missing. someone commented about it while we were at breakfast and I said “You didn’t actually think that was BBQ’d chicken did you?” they asked me what I meant and I said that it was widely known that all you ahd to do was marinade kitty cat and milk and it tasted just like chicken. I got a call about 10 AM to get my tail in the group commander’s office where he asked me where and how the “BB’d cat” rumor had started. Of course I played dumb. he just shook his head while the senior enlisted advisor was cracking up. the commander told me to stop doing crap like that and to go back to work. I just smiles, said “OK”, saluted and went back to work.

    people can be so dumb sometimes.

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  2. I joke around a lot, and tend to have a rather dry delivery so sometimes people don’t know if I’m serious or not. If I ever did accidentally start a rumor I’m unaware of it, but wouldn’t be surprised if someone told me I had.

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  3. Definitely! When we realized that a gossiper sitting next to us was spreading untruths about people, an “accidental on purpose” piece of information that this gossiper “overheard” in our cubicle set him straight…and he stopped gossiping.😊


  4. I don’t think that I ever have. In the workplace, rumors are rampant, but I’ve also found that there is usually a grain of truth at the root of a rumor. I don’t spread them, but I listen carefully and try to separate the truth from the fiction.

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