Let Me Ask You A Question – 2/25/17


Let me ask you a question:

Do you have any quirky food rules?  For instance, no food touching on your plate… 

45 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 2/25/17

  1. Depends on the food. Most things I can mix together and eat all at once, but then foods like sandwiches, I like plain, no condiments or added rabbit food. I like them, just don’t like them on my sandwich.

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  2. Hmm. Not sure. I definitely have well defined likes and dislikes. Quirky? All I can think of is that I wash only the blueberries I’m going to use at that time. I don’t like to rinse them off all at once and then have them get all juicy in the package. Not very quirky, I know!

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    • I don’t mind food touching. One thing I have noticed is that I prefer to use utensils which have a satin finish. No clue why but I find myself searching the silverware for them. lol


  3. No quirky rules for me. I just eat. And it seems my kids grew up with the same attitude. they just ate and still do as adults, foods can touch or get mixed up , sauces run from one thing onto another. We all do that English thing of sticking different bits of food from the plate onto our forks and then putting it into our mouths. So you could have a bit of meat , a bit of potato and some gravy all on the fork at one time YUM!

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  4. I cannot eat a soggy sandwich. There has to be an appropriate crispness to wet ratio. If it’s soggy, I struggle eating it, if I eat it at all. Same goes for chili cheese dogs.

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  5. 1)Vegetable soups, I eat each like veggie completely before moving to the next one. Leaving the one I like the most for last. 2)Popcorn, one kernel at a time, no handfuls.3)Chips and dip, the dip has to stay smooth on top, I drag my chip to keep it smooth. etc…I could go on, but I’m quirky enough at 3. 🙂

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