Let Me Ask You A Question – 2/28/17


Let me ask you a question:

What percentage of your readers engage with you on a daily basis?   Why do you think that number is what it is?  

25 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 2/28/17

  1. I currently have 775 followers. I converse with maybe 15-20 of those daily. That’s a percentage of between .02-.03%. Why so few? No clue. I do know I thoroughly enjoy the chats I have with my regulars, and that’s good enough for me.

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  2. I would say on average I get 3 to 4 comments per blog and I just recently crossed over 100 followers. I can’t be upset with those numbers, as I’m not a consistent blogger in posting or visiting others. In the coming days I will be switching from a photography blog to more of a general whatever I feel like blogging blog, and I’ll be more active on others blogs. WordPress is a great community with a lot of great people.

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  3. Hmm, I have about 193 followers right now. I would say I engage each day with about 10-15 of them. I think one of the main reasons we do not have a higher percentage, is that this whole blogosphere can be very overwhelming. There’s not time in the day to communicate back-and-forth with the total number of followers. At least I find it a little overwhelming. And I don’t even work a day job.

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  4. I’m nearing 700 followers and I get ~20 comments and 30-50 Likes per post so that’s like 3-6% engagement. It makes sense I mean, people usually get max 10% engagment

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  5. I have just over 600 WP followers and I get anywhere from 30-60 likes and 5-20 comments on the average post. If it’s something really personal it’s more. If it’s something really light…not so much. I think that’s pretty good.

    For the life of me I don’t know why the number is what it is. It varies so much. I have a core group of people I consider friends though and they are always supportive…and I am of them as well. Building a community is what’s important to me and I feel like I’m doing that.

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  6. Of my 1,000 followers, I interact with about 30-40 per day on average. Not all of my posts lend themselves to interaction. Some are entertainment. Others are informational. I do get a number of reblogs per day as well if you count that as interaction on some level.

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