Grab the Reigns

Barring tragedies out of your control, you determine the course of your life.  Challenging yourself, expecting more, working hard and setting lofty goals can help you reach higher heights than will sitting around settling and justifying a mediocre existence.  When you realize this and grab the reigns you will instantly swing the odds in your favor.

10 thoughts on “Grab the Reigns

  1. Unfortunately, I think tragedies and other unavoidable circumstances have quite a bit of control over our lives. I believe that it’s how we react and carry on when faced with such that lets us determine the course of our lives.

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  3. Everything we are exposed to can evoke one of two reactions and results. With negative situations, the reactions look like this. 1. Acceptance, learning and then moving towards a positive outcome
    2.over reacting and letting the situation take over your life and then spreading the negativity to everyone and everything you come into contact with. This then makes the mental situation last much longer and can cause you and your future harm.
    There are things that are out of our control and will affect us, they may even leave mental or physical scars to remind us of them. The choice is whether you want to live a good life based in the present or a bad one based in the past.

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    • I appreciate you leaving your view. I encounter people who don’t believe this and it is actually sad to watch them struggle through life. Or should I say they don’t realize this fact of life.


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