Sometimes Bad Things Happen To Good People

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17 thoughts on “Sometimes Bad Things Happen To Good People

    • Yes. For example, as a result of this video I have already received 10+ emails from people making excuses as to why they cannot do something. They simply don’t seem to get it.


    • I have said that any time I post about positive thinking or overcoming obstacles I get a ton of push back. I’m not sure why, but there seems to be a lot of people who are willing to comment who do not believe they have the ability to overcome obstacles. it baffles me.


  1. Don’t take this as an insult but your video on living intentionally really reminds me of the path Oprah was taking her talk show before she retired. She want living fir accolades anymore but for the “good ripple” that she could put out into the world. And that’s when she started her school, scholarships, etc. So please take that as a compliment. Hope that you had a great weekend Danny!

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