Me and Richard Madeley…

This is Misty Books!


Now you all know that I’m not one to blow my own trumpet. Well not much anyway. O.k. A quick toot now and then perhaps.

Pardon? Oh! A full blown overture, you reckon! Have it your way.

Anyway, come over here and listen, I don’t want to shout it too loud, come on, hurry up, you’ll like this…



Sitting comfortably?

You sure?

Hold up, I’m coming to it, don’t get shirty!

It’s just that I’m excited.

Yes, again!

Remember Siri?

Yes, the computer voice whose real person, Susan Bennett was following me on Twitter, that’s the one. Glad you’ve been reading my previous blogs.

And John Gilstrap? Best selling author. Yeah, remember now? I blogged that he was following little old me too.

Well I’ve gone one better.

I have, honest.

No. This one’s not following me on Twitter actually. Nor Facebook, no.

No, he’s not following me…

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