4 thoughts on “Today’s Reblog contest winner…Everyones Welcome!!

  1. That was a really inspiring story about having a condition not understood….

    Especially when you don’t know why..

    So glad 😁 he got over his initial reaction of embarrassment and learn to accept his fate..
    a lot of things are way beyond our control…
    And sometimes so very hard to deal with..

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    • Thank you for your lovely comment. It was really hard at first so i know what people are going through . Im now strong and would love to use this to help young or old with alopecia. At the moment there is no successful cure accept have faith and be postive that is my believe. Kind regards.

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      • You are so welcome…

        Good 😊 to see you strong 💪 and accepting…
        It will definitely help others to understand what it’s all about…
        Just continue being positive with the faith..

        I understand how it makes you feel.. and outsiders that doesn’t have that experience.. will always think no big deal..
        But.. it’s always a big deal to the person experience that issues…

        Just remember that most don’t really care about your not having hairs .. but.. see you as the person you are..

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