Let Me Ask You A Question – 3/6/17


Let me ask you a question:

How much research do you do when creating blog content?  

54 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 3/6/17

  1. If it’s something information or opinion driven, quite a bit. But, I’m currently predominantly photo driven, so I peruse through my pics to find ones that match a particular challenge. I combine the pics with songs of the day to fit the particular theme. Combining looking through hundreds of photos and hundreds of songs, it ends up being fairly time consuming, but not necessarily research.

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  2. Most of my blogs are more personal, so it’s less about research and more about remembering. Some days that’s easier said than done. If it is a piece that requires a little research, I do enough to make sure i’m not spreading false information. I believe bad facts could ruin a blog rather quickly.

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  3. I guess I would echo some of the other comments. If something comes across in my email that I want to write about or expand, then I don’t do much research. I just use the information that I already have. But on other occasions, like my post about travel, I research quite a bit. This gave me several perspectives and I think made the blog more interesting. And also useful.

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  4. I’d say most of my blogs require research like my ‘goodness’ posts and of course my quote posts. I wouldn’t want to credit the wrong person.
    But most of my blogs are personal and come from my life lessons and or personal growth. So while the research was not done for my blog…it was done for me.


  5. I’ve been doing blogging off an on for the last 8-9 years. For the most part, it depends a lot on the quality of post that I am wanting to make. Most of the time I am just pulling an opinion from my nether regions. For those, I do little, if any, research. If I am wanting to do something that is more in depth or the point I am wanting to make requires some references, I will end up doing some research.

    I have been working on a new blog and I have to do some research just because of the nature of what I want to do with it. For my most recent article on it, I read at least 10 news articles.


  6. Pretty much all of my posts have been written with some sort of research done whether at that specific point in time or in the past. Some of it is writing on a mix of intuition and experience, though.

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  7. I don’t do any research at all, I try to put out original content all the time and use personal experience that’s the only way I can connect with my work. I need to feel it before I can write it.

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  8. Depending on the topic… from a few hours to about 40 years.
    All jokes aside, this is a great question and it allows us the opportunity to acknowledge and respect our life experiences. Since most of my blog posts incorporate my life experiences, it is hard to place a specific timeline on them… the other challenge I have with keeping time is that I allow myself to get completely lost in the joy of learning some of these topics, so time just flies by!

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