Welcome Dream Big Partner: Multiple Experiences!!

I am pleased to welcome the latest blogger to become a Dream Big Partner: Multiple Experiences



Here is an excerpt from Multiple Experiences About page:

Hi I’m Jamie.  I am 45 years old.  Proud mom of a 17 year old daughter named Mikayla and two dogs Boomer, was my 10 year old English bulldog who recently passed away, I currently have Marshmallow, my 7 year old French bulldog and Zoey my French Bulldog puppy. I was diagnosed over 19 years ago, Valentines Day, with multiple sclerosis.  I am over 10 years divorced.  My divorce wasn’t my rock bottom it was a very toxic relationship which finally was laid to rest in January of 2016.  That was my bottom.  That was when my knees really hit the ground. It wasn’t even him, it was me, it was who and what I’d become. That was when I knew things had to change.

I was lucky I was already testing the spiritual waters when I hit the ground.  I just decided it was time to jump in the pool.  I read A LOT.  My blog will always have some spiritual tones to it because I believe in what I am doing but I am not a preacher.

This blog is about life, being single, dating with multiple sclerosis, being a parent, challenges of symptoms, good days, bad days and all the days in between.  However I am an open book if you want to know about my diagnoses, my divorce, my dogs, daughter, the he who should not be named toxic relationship guy, I’ll tell you, just ask.  I can say I am not a writer.  I am a horrible speller and I want this to be fun for everyone.

With that said…enjoy!!!!!




You can find Multiple Experiences’ logo in my sidebar and on the Partner’s Page at the top of my website!  When you visit be sure to tell her Danny sent ya!


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