Absolute Power Corrupts

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Today, Wikileaks revealed a massive revelation of the CIA’s hacking program and extensive overreach. This becomes more relevant today because of the increasing political motivations of intelligence officials. It can be referred to as the “Deep State.” This post will be updated as more revelations are uncovered from the large quantity of documents released. As I must remind you, this organization has never been proven wrong in its 10 year history of exposing corruption.  There are three key points made in the initial statement from Wikileaks that show serious threats we face from the CIA’s unbridled power.

When Julian Assange was interviewed by Sean Hannity in London, He clearly said that Russia was not responsible for the hacking of the DNC. The man has no reason to lie about this I might add. We have just seen that the CIA department UMBRAGE has possession of Russia hacking malware that can…

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