Let Me Ask You A Question – 3/8/17


Let me ask you a question:

How open-minded are you really?   And how do you know?  


43 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 3/8/17

  1. I’m very open minded, about most everything, socially and politically. I know because I don’t judge or have preconceived notions. I listen, educate myself, and talk, then I decide if it’s something or someone I agree with, or can tolerate. If I can’t tolerate it/them, I don’t judge or try to change it. I simply dismiss from my thoughts. But, just because I may disagree, that doesn’t mean I don’t think they have the right to be who they are or have the opinion they do. I’m a very live and let live person, and I that’s exactly what I’m teaching my boys.

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  2. That is a difficult thing to measure. There are some arguments that simply have no chance of persuading me, although I do get curious about how it is that people come to believe them. Those are mostly based in what I see as some sort of dogma that I don’t share, although I try to be skeptical about the dogmas I do share. I have gotten in trouble at times due to rooting about for unexamined presuppositions. Many people get upset by that sort of thing.

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  3. I’m open minded about a lot of things but there are subjects that are harder for me to budge with. And I think just that declaration makes me more open than most. But if given unbiased and researched facts, I’ll consider changing my opinion.

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    • I think the statement that most people who are open minded say is that last part…”consider changing my opinion.” Few are willing to even considering change.


  4. Ya know what…you always make me think and I am always so honest here…maybe to my downfall. 😉
    No I don’t think I’m nearly as open-minded as I always thought I was. If I think I’m right about something I can’t be budged. My mind is not open to the other point of view. I have extremely strong views on many things. They are what would be called ‘Liberal’ views so I always considered myself to be very open-minded. But if you really look at what open-minded is..it means ‘willing to consider new ideas’ and there are many areas where I’m simply not.

    For example, I believe in LGBT rights. I am never going to be persuaded to think otherwise. I believe in a woman’s right to choose…again…never going to be swayed on that.

    So while my views would be considered liberal and open and I’m open-minded to trying new things, reading new books…eating new foods…and the such….when it comes to my views and beliefs…not so much. I’m open. I’m accepting…but I guess I’m not nearly as ‘open-minded’ as I always thought I was.

    All that being said…I respect that others will have differing views than mine. As long as they are not infringing on my rights or the rights of others I can accept that without feeling the need to change their minds.

    THIS is a thinker Danny. 🙂

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    • Great answer. The only time I would consider you close minded is when it comes to someone with beliefs that squash another person’s identity or causes harm to others (including our four legged friends). Is that really a bad thing?

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    • I appreciate your honesty. If more people were to do actual soul-searching they would realize they aren’t as open-minded as they think. I’ve always considered myself to be but I am beginning to wonder whether I am or not. I can be pretty stubborn.

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  5. I usually read your question of day at work (sssshhh) I didn’t have a chance to today, so Nikki asked it to me when I got home. Here is how I answered her:
    Yes- I don’t judge by race, sex, sexual preference, or social class. To which my wife replied: So you’re not judgmental, but are you open minded. (clever girl)
    So, after some thought, I would say my answer is still yes (I think, I’ll let you and your followers decide). I am very firm in my beliefs, but I’m also willing to listen to what others have to say. Depending on the subject I may already know that my mind won’t be changed, but I’m still open to hearing why someone believes the way they do. If nothing else I can use that information to further strengthen my beliefs, and speak about them having more knowledge than before.

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  6. I think my open-mindedness largely stems from my curiosity. I want to learn about different ways of life and different kinds of people so I do my best to listen to them.

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  7. I’d say I’m quite openminded, as in the ability to consider ideas that are different from my own. Will they change my beliefs or stances? Not every time, but I’m always willing to contemplate alternative views and ideas. If anything, they either strengthen my own position on things or they open space for shifting a bit, broadening my perspective. Like someone else mentioned, a lot of my openmindedness stems from my deep curiosity. I love to learn, and I recognize that without an open mind, I simply cannot do so.

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  8. It really depends on the topic. For many social issues, I’m open minded. When it comes to education, I have fairly constrained views. In the professional workplace, I’ve grown to be more open-minded as I’ve gotten older.

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