It’s Getting Real

It’s getting real over at Who’s My Favorite Today?!

Who's My Favorite Today?

I am SOOO conflicted!  We, really my daughter Avery, got this in the mail yesterday.  She applied to several colleges for next year, but has not heard from them because she did “regular” admissions rather than “early” admissions.  Because of that, she will not hear from colleges on admission decisions until late March/early April.

I knew we were not supposed to hear anything yet, so when I opened the mailbox yesterday and saw this, I was excited and confused.  I didn’t think we would hear anything yet.  But there is was….  The “big” envelope……  All I could think was, it doesn’t take a large envelope to hold a rejection letter.  Hopefully, this is a good sign.  Big envelopes are always a good sign, right?

I called my daughter to see when she would be home to open the letter.  She was volunteering at “The Boys and Girls Club” and wouldn’t…

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