Let Me Ask You A Question – 3/9/17


Let me ask you a question:

Do you give your spouse/family/significant other/partner the attention they deserve?  


83 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 3/9/17

  1. Yes. I give Steve more attention than he could ever ask for. Same with my son (in fact he would probably prefer a little less). Now Vivi would always ask for more no matter how much attention she gets.

    This is one question I didn’t even have to ponder. There is no question that I make my family my top priority.

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  2. Danny you struck a nerve with this one, but you can’t grow if you’re not honest. I love my family and if I’m not at work I’m at home. Nikki and I do pretty much everything together, and me and my son have our common interests. I used to think that was enough, if you get off work and go straight home, you’re a good family man. I understand that is not enough, there is way more to it. I’m working on personal growth right now. I’m lucky, I have a very encouraging, knowledgeable and loving wife that wants the best for me and our family. There is more to attention than answering a question when asked, it’s more than listening to someone and then moving on. Conversations need to be two sided to be considered conversations. So, no I don’t give my family the attention they deserve, but I see that and I’m growing. Ask me that question again next month and my answer will be much different. Thanks for the reminder.

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  3. Our children are now adults so my husband and I are “just the two of us.” We love being together and always seem to have things to talk about. He has stood by me during serious physical illness and now he comes to horse shows and helps me out. Not every husband is willing to do that! So I try to give him back as much as I can in attention and love and time spent and support if he needs it. I am so lucky to have this relationship in my life I’d be an idiot not to give him the attention he deserves.

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      • In the winter I usually do three in florida they are for four days each time. In the summer at home in Ontario I usually do about three but they are only one or two day shows. The shows in Florida are big productions, big showgrounds and a high level of competition. Fun! But as I said David is the only husband how is on hand every day to help me out.

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      • Tryon! I have heard it is absolutely splendid. I am planning to attend the Worlds. It should be a very good event with the best riders. My Canadian coach Belinda Trussell is hoping to qualify for Canada in Dressage.

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      • Well Mark Bellissimo is quite the developer. He developed the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center where they hold the Winter Equestrian Festival . It is huge and attracts iders from all over the world. He also developed the Global Dressage Festival which has been so successful he has now purchased a new property to build a new facility for dressage. I am actually showing at Global this weekend. I am looking forward to seeing Tryon.

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