Today’s Reblog Winner is…Shereena Badu!!

Today’s Reblog winner is…Shereena Badu!!

Shereena Badu

Nervous is the feeling

A woman feels when

She’s forced by society

To be perfect

To stay young forever

Or she will be replaced

Nervousbecause her

features are changing and

she may need to go under the

Knifeto be socially


Nervous because

She doesn’t have the

Perfect relationship

And the perfect family

Women no need to be

Nervous, perfection

Doesn’t exist andthe way

Welook after 25 years

Of age is still beautiful

Weare life in expression

and the gateway

Of love and birth

We can change nations

Through breast milk

and stop wars through

our touch and hugs

The pain left behind without

our love proveswe are love

In action, our sons suffer

Whenwe are not around

So our presence heals the

Family, womenwe are the

Foundation make no mistake

And think otherwise

© 2017 Shereena Badu

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