A chance…

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Let us take a chance my love

and throw caution to the wind

Let us grab the moment and say that

this day, this minute, this time is ours

to use, to the limits of our love and longing

not looking back nor having regrets, about what was

might have been, should have been, never would be,

Should be, want to be, has to be…

I want what you want

the want of those things, that we share

and cultivate, those little dreams, which have blossomed

like love’s seedlings, nurtured with our loving hands

supported and protected, loved and cherished

the want of something so beautiful,

the want of seeing you at my waking moments

when the day’s tiredness becomes washed away with your smile

the ultimate pleasure of lying by your side, telling you

how lucky I was, I am, I continue to be with you

by my side,

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