Let Me Ask You A Question – 3/12/17


Let me ask you a question:

Have you ever befriended someone because somehow the friendship would benefit you? ** 


**BE HONEST!  (Maybe they had a cool car in high school.  Maybe a vacation house which you could use for free.  Or maybe discounts at a store.)


84 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 3/12/17

  1. Of course and anyone who says they haven’t is not being honest. Maybe as an adult knowing better they haven’t but as adolescents we were all selfish.

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    • I am in your corner on this one. If you haven’t noticed by now, many of these questions are great ways to judge self-awareness and honesty. Many of these types of questions always result in some declaring absolutely not, while the truth is we ALL have. But still some will say no they haven’t.

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      • lol can you tell by my answer I’d be annoyed at the one who said no. So much for my belief of not judging. Although I’d never judge someone who said yes. Hmmmm

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      • Between you and I have a about 3 readers who answer these questions according to what they think they should say and it is very obvious. Rarely do I ever get an honest answer from them. People who answer too perfectly make me raise an eyebrow. lol

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  2. I think so. I’ve done it to try getting a job. It’s good to also get on a manager’s good side. I don’t mean by brown nosing because that’s not my style. I mean by showing them how hard you work, taking on more tasks. Some people don’t even value that though.

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  3. I can’t remember if I have but then again I have really bed memory for my childhood. My mother hated that I wouldn’t be nice to everybody so I doubt it then too. As an adult, no because I am anti social and hate ass kissery.

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  4. For sure. I remember this wild..cool…totally confident girl in middle school who I knew I wanted to be friends with because she was a bad-ass and I was the sweet, innocent girl that, while people liked, was considered pretty predictable. She was friends with one of my friends and I made it a goal to be-friend her. It worked. We became friends and I felt cooler just being around her. LOL!

    Best part of the story? We became the best of friends and we are still friends 30 years later. She is still a bad-ass but now I not only love her bad-assery…but I love her too.
    And yes…she knows all of this. 😉

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  5. My initial answer was going to be – No, not that I can recall. Nikki and I talked it out, like we do quite often with these questions, and now my answer is Yes. I still don’t recall doing it as a kid, so I won’t comment on that, but as an adult I do. I work in sales on a commercial level, so unlike most retail sales jobs where you may never see a customer again, I deal with the same people over and over. Many of these people have vastly different political, religious, and personal beliefs than myself. A good number of them I would have nothing to do with outside of work, but not a single one of them knows it. Being their friend means that they want to work with me, which in turn ups my monthly commission.

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  6. Honestly, I haven’t…the thing is I’m a pretty shy person when it comes to befriending someone. Almost all my friends started as colleagues until friendships develop. Also, I’m kinda embarass to be asking favors from friends too. Perhaps because I am trying to avoid giving them the impression that I am taking advantage…but when I do need help, I ask or when they offer, I accept. (That doesn’t count, does it?)

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  7. Yes, my husband has a friend and he has a sister that I became friends with just to ride their horses. My husband’s friend was our best man and he married a friend of mine from school, that’s how I got to meet his sister.Make sense? Come find out my friend with horses, called me about 10 months after crazy train and broke our friendship because we’re in different stages of life and when I would talk it’d be venting and apparently it was more or less gossip than venting. I cried a little the next day I moved on with life, cause life goes on. God brings people in and he takes them out for a reason.

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  8. Yes, I have back in high school, though it was simply a perk because they were a pretty awesome individual that I admired for awhile. They had the hookup for Mary Jane! Lol, not sure if I should be sharing that here, but if I ever became friends with someone for anything it was something like that. Even back then, I tended not to make friends with people based on what I can get out of them, but rather what we can share *with* each other. I have been taken advantage of many times and wouldn’t ever want to do the same.

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