Perfect Chicken Stew

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Perfect?! Yep!! I rarely call anything ‘perfect’, but I myself am shocked by how tonight’s supper came out. Chicken Stew is my son’s favorite, and I thought that I had it down to a science; I was wrong. It just so happened that I measured everything and wrote down what I did, so now I can pass along the delicious information!

I’m going to get right to it! First, I seasoned my chicken with a lot of salt, pepper, and cajun seasoning. Put one cup of vegetable oil in a five-quart pot; I used my dutch oven. Brown the chicken thighs, three minutes per side, on high heat. When browned, set aside to cool.

Make a roux with the oil that remains from browning the chicken. See How to Make a Roux for more instruction. I added the ‘trinity’ when the roux was light to medium brown. As the trinity…

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