tidal wave

This is Take A Walk!

take a walk

What it would be like to feel the power of a wave. The force, supremacy, and raw strength to stride the way a rush of water can. To be something so soothing, clear, and gentle as it lies still in its being, to then erupt with motion, a warrior undone.

The way I look at such an influx, is the way I strive my heart to be. I pray for a humbleness that a stranger can smell a mile away; an ability to see through me in a way that is dumbfounding, nothing to hide or run away from; a child’s innocence that is looked upon with envy, rather than judgement; and then in an instant, pick up my armor and flood the scene.

To have a passion stirring inside of me so pure and so deep, that it thrusts itself outward like a tide and overwhelms the world I…

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