MS and a Concert Arena

This is Fearless!

Jo Ann Maxwell

Last night my mother and I went to Greenville, SC and saw Casting Crowns in concert at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena.  When my mother bought the tickets about two months ago, I was very hesitant about the process. But I knew she really wanted to go! I was concerned about parking and how much we might have to walk. I was concerned about a large venue and the walking and climbing of stairs.  I was concerned about the placement of bathrooms. As you can see, the trip worried me.  And yet, Jesus tells me that I should not worry about tomorrow. Because today has enough worries by it’s self.

It takes about an hour to get to Greenville. Instead of going on the interstates, which scare my mother, we went on US highway 25 then state roads. And then once we got into Greenville, there were, of course, stoplights. Which…

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