Today Reblog champion is…Skylarity!

This is Skylarity!


It is quite common for people to use the tag line “I live my life to the fullest” during interpersonal interactions. You have probably used it. And I too have expressed similar sentiments on many occasions. But how many of us are truly living our lives to the fullest? How many of us are ALL IN—giving 120% effort all day, everyday? I would say very few of us are.

You know, it is so easy to accept an average existence. All you have to do is sit back and do nothing and an average reality will literally come to you. It is so easy turning on the television and binge-watching your favorite series for hours on end. It is so easy to overindulge on social media like mindless zombies—accomplishing absolutely nothing day after day. It is so easy to have a yearly routine where you go to work like a witless drone, come home, catch a few…

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