How much do i lie?

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Who's My Favorite Today?

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OK Danny atDream Big Dream Oftengot me thinking today. He posted a question for his readers, “How much do you lie?”

Right off I think, “I’m a good person. Of course I don’t lie. This doesn’t even apply to me.”  But…….as I thought a little more I realized that I DO lie…… Wait.  I lie a lot…….. I am a big fat liar!!!

Okay, so I am not having an affair or living a double life. But evidently I am constant telling lies. Like “dinner will be ready in a few minutes” when it’s really like half an hour. “I don’t know anything about _____” when I really do, but can’t say so as not to betray trust. “I’ll be off the phone/computer in just a minute.” More like 20 minutes. With kids I feel like I am constantly telling white lies. Does it count if they…

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