Surgery is Hard Work

Being Lydia!!

Being Lydia!

And by that title, I am not referring to the doctors and nurses! As you read this keep in mind that I didn’t even have the surgery. sickdog

Okay, so the day I saw the surgeon and it was decided I should have my hernia repaired, I had a multitude of forms to fill out. Thankfully my hubby was there because my arthritic hands don’t work very well to write, and my fibro brain doesn’t remember anything past my nose! I have cheat sheets but forgot them at home. I think it took a half hour to fill everything out!

Then we waited for the call to find out when my surgery would be. I was given the opportunity of a short wait if I didn’t mind the risk of being bumped for an emergency. So, I had about 10 day’s notice to my surgery date.

During these 1o days, Hubby…

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