Ever noticed those recurring numbers? Here’s what they mean


Have you had moments when you check the time on your clock and it displays a time of the same number, like 1:11 am, 2:22 pm, or 4:44 am? Even if you do not take note of it, you are bound to remember it since you keep seeing the numbers over and over again. It does not have to be always on the clock. You go to a store and see a price tag, and it says $5.55. You go to sleep and dream of being in a room full of numbers 444. You will wake up confused, and you wish there is someone who can help you uncover the meaning of these numbers. Good thing there are reliable dream analyzers who are always available to answer your questions. They will be able to tell you if this is a significant sign from the Universe or not, and you will be given further instructions on what to do next. Today, I’ll provide you with the answers to the most commonly asked questions about recurring numbers in hopes that you will get familiar with the experience.

Why do we keep seeing these repeating and recurring numbers?
If we keep seeing recurring numbers in our daily routines or in our dreams, you can think of it as a sign from the Universe that it is trying to catch your attention; perhaps, think of it as a signal from invisible forces working in nature that are trying hard to put your focus on more important matters in life. Sometimes, these numbers will remind you to address some issues that you have been trying to avoid. You do not have to be afraid whenever you see a recurring time or number because it only means that your spirit guides, angels, or even your higher self is trying to get through to you. They want you to know that you are not alone in solving whatever it is that needs to be addressed.

Why is it that recurring numbers are easy to notice?
Part of the beauty of recurring numbers and the reason why they always get our attention is that they are really pleasing to the eye. They are neat, clean, parallel, and uniform; they appear to be easy to digest for our minds and eye to see and understand. Constant notice of repeating or recurring numbers will eventually get your attention. From there, you will start to question why you keep seeing them and you will start to look for answers.

Recurring numbers and meaningful coincidences
This phenomenon can also be in relation to a concept called synchronicity, where it is believed that random seemingly things that are totally unrelated gain valuable significance and meaning especially when they happen randomly at the exact time. These events are also referred to as meaningful coincidences because the two events have no obvious effect on each other, but we put special meaning to their happening at the same time.

11:11 and its significance
Have you met someone—a friend, or a random person—who would drop everything he or she is doing when the clock strikes 11:11? It is a popular belief that when you see that the clock says 11:11, you could make a wish and it will eventually come true. There is no hard evidence that this is true, while many believed that their wishes at 11:11 have come true, the act of putting all your energies and thoughts on something really special in your mind gives a special meaning and significance to the numbers 11:11.


Recurring numbers, spirit guides, and numerology
Other people are also under the belief that these recurring numbers have something to do with our guardian angels or spirit guides. Our spirit guides would use these recurring numbers in hopes to get our attention so they can send a message of importance.

Repeating numbers can also be in relation to numerology. In the field of numerology, three double digits like 11 and 22, represent various parts of our inner selves. They can mean something about out personality, spirituality, and many more. If you keep seeing a repeating number, it means that we must give more importance to this number as it is going to influence a big part of our current life. They are a doorway to our hidden desires, our soul, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and ideas. So you should not always ignore repeating numbers as they can be an answer to why we are feeling a specific emotion right now.

Below are some of the meanings of recurring numbers.

111 – This is the truth; it signifies your true self. It is the start of a new beginning that is aligned with your purpose. If you keep seeing this number, you must take the time to realize the ways you should be living your life and start to break old patterns especially those that have not worked out in your favor.

1111 – This is your wake-up call. If you keep seeing these numbers, you must reflect on the important things in your life; and find your purpose in life.

222 – These numbers are a confirmation that your way of thinking, patterns, and all that you do in life are now aligned with your true purpose. It is the universe’s way of telling that, whatever you are doing now, it is working and you should keep doing that.

333 – These numbers do not say much other than to remind you that your angels or spirit guides are with you, loving and protecting you wherever you go; a gentle reminder, perhaps, that in case you need their help, you only need to ask for it because they are more than willing to help you in any way they can.

These are just some of the answers to the commonly asked questions about recurring or repeating numbers. There are other meanings about repeating numbers that you can find online. Do you have an instance of noticing a recurring number? Do you want to share what happened? Please leave a comment down below.

Images by Anthony De Rosa and pixabay under Public Domains CC0

43 thoughts on “Ever noticed those recurring numbers? Here’s what they mean

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  2. Yes! Angel numbers! I will also add that numbers such as 1:23 or 3:21 can be signs that whatever we’re doing/thinking about are either on path or off path. 2:22, 12:34, 12:21 and 11:22 are a few that I personally see often. Thanks for sharing this, Danny! Definitely something that is near and dear to my heart!

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