I Need to Immerse Myself More Deeply (Daily Word Prompt is Immerse)

This is My Loud Bipolar Whispers!

My Loud Whispers of Hope

I immerse myself deeply in everything I do.

Before I know it

the morning light

has turned to dark.

Time has disappeared away from me,

stolen from my desires

and wishes for my day.

I need to immerse myself more deeply

every day,

making special time for my Lord and Savior

to repent and pray.

On bent knees, speaking to my God up above

words flowing out from my heart and soul with love.

Fully immersed with Him.

He is mine.

I am His.

He fully has me, my time, my heart and soul.

God saves me,

loves me,

heals me,

forgives me for my sins,

always near me,

with me,

holding my hand

through all my struggles,





catching my tears,

giving me strength,



so I can fight,

beat and win

persevere and overcome

my invisible illness

called bipolar disorder

that He gave me for a reason.

It was…

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