Today’s Reblog Winner is…Michael Christopher Cole!!

Today’s Reblog winner is…Michael Christopher Cole!!

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Michael Christopher Cole

First I should start off by stating, that this isn’t for Trump supporters, so while you are welcome to read, I doubt many if any of you are thinking about/hoping for your state to secede.   Secondly, these are just things I want people to consider before voting for secession.

Alright, so it’s been almost two weeks since President Trump was inaugurated, and I’ve heard talk of states seceding from the Union.  I heard that California has put the issue on the ballot for 2018—Calexit as I’ve heard it being called— and that Washington state is considering it as well.  I should mention, that I’m not sure of the legal process or possibility of success.

I get the urge.  I understand the idea of ‘hey we don’t want this guy, and we feel that democracy of this country doesn’t work because of the electoral college system, and so we’re just…

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