Breathing or not as the case may be…

This is Aria Bella Rises!!

Aria-Bella Rises


I went to visit my naturopath today and she asked how much anxiety and panic I was having and it led to a really interesting discussion when I mentioned that I find the deep breathing techniques that are taught and meant to calm you down, in fact sends me into more of a tizzy as I feel I hyperventilate even more and it seems to extend my panic attack out even more. I thought I was a weirdo for feeling this way, how can something that people swear by, not work for me??? 

It was when she told me that panic usually occurs when your body is over oxygenated that it made sense why deep breathing once I am in that cycle wasn’t working. The best thing that I could possibly do to myself when I was in it, was to get carbon dioxide back into my system to…

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