Sexual Healing!

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Now you probably know this, but I’ll tell you again anyway. Two years ago –  two years next month in fact – I had a bit of a brush with the grim reaper. Not wishing to shuffle off this mortal coil as Kate and I had only just met, I politely declined his offer to join him on some other journey. He was a bit miffed. Apparently his mate had already started stoking the fire especially for my arrival, but hey, we can’t always get what we want. I hope he hadn’t sharpened his scythe specially!

Anyway that’s enough of that nonsense.


whole and half green apple clipartI changed my phone some time back. The the descendant of the mobile I swore that I would never own all those years ago was discarded in favour of an iPhone.

Yes, I sold my soul for an Apple.

No more android crap for me, mate!


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