Why Take Action When You Can Just Complain?

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10 thoughts on “Why Take Action When You Can Just Complain?

  1. That was a very powerful speech Danny…

    And I so agree with you on every level..
    Some people expect a different result.
    By just complaining..
    not realizing that to change that result means changing their lifestyle and habits…

    I’m with you about the job complaint too..
    I used to get so ticked off at co- workers saying things like .. I hate coming to work.. I hate this place..

    My question was always..
    so why are you here??
    Do you know you have the choice not to be here.. ”

    Danny.. I wish everyone would And could see life as you do…
    such a waste of energy complaining…
    Great πŸ‘ video.. great point

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  2. I really enjoyed watching this video. Currently, experiencing a stomach bug. But I did realize back when I was working out, I was feeling better and healthier, so now I have the right mindset to start back again. Thank you for this video 😊😊😊it made my morning.

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