55 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 3/21/17

  1. Absolutely Awesome!!! How is your?
    I had a networking meeting this morning where I had the chance to share a new vision and get amazing feedback on it. I got three spontaneous testimonials that left me speechless and felt truly blessed for having the courage to talk about a purpose based on passion…
    This is the basis of what I said: “I believe successful people have passion for what they do.
    Theirs are the stories I love to tell.
    I write to help people get their greatest work into the world.
    Let’s Imagine, how I can help you today. ”

    I am so happy and grateful for the people in my network.

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  2. Sunny and busy. Trying to catch up on my email, finish some stories and leave comments. Met a new neighbor this morning, brought her a piece of cake and shared a cup of tea and chatted a while. Then back to the email. Getting ready to go pick up my granddaughter at school. She stays here until her mom or dad pick her up after they are finished working. I will then enjoy her hugs and kisses and make a snack for her while she does her homework. Then back to email. So far that’s my day…..so far. ☺☺☺

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      • That’s so true! Small talk is generally something I avoid. But, I ask this question of my patients, wife, friends, and boys, and I genuinely want to know. I suppose you’re in mourning like I am though? It sucks being booted early. Especially to a team that’s not as good. At this point, I’m a HUGE fan of whoever sUcKs is playing. Go Bruins!!!! 😃

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  3. Excellent! Was able to do my volunteer job at home today. So I didn’t have to drive to the Cove. I had to fill in some blanks on the spreadsheet with area churches and their addresses and phone numbers. Then this afternoon I went to a teaching session for our local mahjong group. We are teaching a new group of women. It was fun! How are you? Looks like you’re coming to Asheville soon. If you’ve never been to the Billy Graham training center at the Cove or the chapel, you may want to add that into your itinerary. It’s a pretty amazing place.

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  4. How’s my day so far???

    Well my day is progressing very well..
    Looking forward to a little 😴 sleepover with some with my little babies 👶..
    plan a really fun night with them..
    they are so excited 😊 and so
    Am I…

    Danny I do
    Hope you’re having a fantastic day today..

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