People Want To Sell You Success

People want to sell you success.  Millionaires on YouTube and Facebook want to show (code for sell) you how you too can make a billion dollars flipping houses/investing/Inventing/modeling, etc.  They convince you to buy by showing you big houses, flashy sports cars and beautiful vacations.  The truth is it’s 10% of the story.  Could everyone become millionaires?  Yes.  Will they?  No.


What these baited infomercials leave out is all the hard work which goes along side of knowledge and guts.  My wife and I have owned and operated several businesses and are currently building a brand new enterprise from the ground up.  It will take approximately 2 years to see a return.  In that time it will also require extremely long hours and tenacity.

And the tenacity is what most people lack to get them to their goal.  Anytime someone tells you something will be easy it will probably not pan out to be worthwhile.  Why?  Because success in any area of life is never, ever easy.

So the next time you see an infomercial touting how great you can be if you buy their program/system/product, just remember the truth is you can be great, but it is going to require a tremendous amount of dedication and hard work; which is why the vast majority of people stay on the porch.

17 thoughts on “People Want To Sell You Success

  1. This is very true. I really hate things that promote getting rich quick. For many people it takes a long of hard work over an extended period of time to get a decent return. It certainly isn’t overnight.

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  2. So true, when I started trying to work for myself i soon realised I would rather let someone do all the work and be an employee. It’s works better that way, it makes sense why most people do not even attempt to go solo. It takes perseverance and commitment. Great post

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