Did God condone slavery?

This is Th3 Platform.

Th3 Platform

As Christians we are still fully human in this life. We just have a drastically different destination after we die. We do not have all of the answers in this life and at times, non-believers will hit us with questions that we do not have the answers to. I seek to provide answers to those difficult questions through my writing no matter what aspect of the Bible that the world seeks to discredit. One of the more effective attacks is bringing up the fact that slavery was condoned in the Bible. At a glance, this seems to be a legitimate question of God’s authority as the morally perfect Judge of humanity. In a post-resurrection world where the New Covenant has been established, the super majority of cases of slavery are 100% immoral and condemned by the Lord. In the days of the Old Testament though, there were many instances that…

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