Labels Are For Canned Goods, Not People

This is Being Lydia!

Being Lydia!

Daily Prompt – Label

LabelI remember a grocery store we used to shop in when I was young would have a box at the front door with cans and jars with no labels. They were free to take; however, you had no idea what was inside until you opened it. I have heard that food banks often have them now.

Labels are important so we know what we are dealing with. If you are planning dinner and wanting some veggies to go with it, you might be a little unsure what to do with the can of peaches you just opened.

As a society, we seem to need labels on everything so we can maintain order.

  • Continents, countries, regions, cities, areas, streets and house numbers all help us to find where we are going. We get our mail and deliveries through this intricate labeling system.
  • Schools, universities, colleges, and other…

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