Let Me Ask You A Question – 3/23/17


Everyone is raised differently by their parents, yet the vast majority of us still believe in similar core values.

Let me ask you a question:

What do you think are the most important values to instill in a child? Β 


90 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 3/23/17

  1. honesty, play nice with others, share, say please and thank you, give lots of hugs while you can, be curious about how the world works and that it’s OK to be sad if the god fish dies.

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  2. Love of self..
    Believe in self…
    Something is not meant for your ears..
    so just don’t listen to what others have to say about u.. negatively …

    The value of life..( everyone has different values)..
    Make the right choices..
    and respect everyone for who they are..
    Take lessons and wisdom from elders. .. they have a lot to teach..

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  3. The values that I personally deem most important are 1) Always put your best effort into every endeavor, 2) Tell the absolute truth in every situation, 3) Strive for positive outcomes and a positive outlook, 4) Remove negativity from your attitude, conversations, career…remove negativity from your life in general, 5) Be a trustworthy and loyal friend…appreciate your friends, 6) Find the beauty and the importance of even a single blade of grass, 7) Seek happiness and joy and laughter, 8) Work smarter, not harder, 9) Do not be afraid to love with your whole heart!

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      • Ha! No…you just say “That may be one of the very best dresses that you have bought lately. Hey…let me take your picture in it…hurry and stand over by the fireplace!” For heaven’s sake…then rush out to the car and turn the music on loud. OK…I will rewrite the sentence to read “in almost every situation except when it comes to HOW SHE LOOKS… AT ANY moment in time…forever and ever!”

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      • Yep πŸ‘. Play. Dumb deaf and blind..

        What you say honey.??
        Aaaah give me a moment….

        What dress πŸ‘— are you talking about???
        I will look at it in a moment..

        It’s like creating a fate… and knowing the outcome…

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      • Might as well just go with the flow sometimes! Here is what happened to someone I taught school with a few years ago…when her husband (they were just recently married) walked out the door to leave for work…he said “Hey, are you wearing those pants or whatever they are to work today? It looks like you bought a size 10 and should have bought a size 14!”…oh dear! What a mistake! She arrived at school in the tight pants and cried off and on all day! The poor children in her class were so worried…they told the principal that she was getting the flu! Her husband never said another statement like that again! She had asked him about the pants when she was getting dressed and he acted like he could not hear her. I guess that he was just compelled to say something!

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  4. There are a lot! Treating others the way you want to be treated covers a lot of ground. Like respect, compassion, kindness, forgiveness. Being honest is a huge. Not only with others but with themselves.
    Of course I hope I instilled all of those things in my son, but I will say that there are others that I worked really hard to raise him with.
    For example, having a sense of humor about himself and life in general. Without that, life can kick your butt really fast. Another would be trusting his intuition. That’s huge and it builds confidence. And one of the most important things that I think we succeeded at with our kid, was raising him to be comfortable in his own skin. I never want him to apologize for who he is. It made him a little bit of a pain in the butt during the teen years, but now as an adult, his confidence (not arrogance) is something I envy.

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  5. I don’t know if this counts as a value or a skill but empathy. I feel that this essential part of good character is missing in most of the people I come across, almost every politician and of course by description every sociopath (And sometimes I get to see that the two, politicians and sociopaths overlap).

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