Do You Agree With My Opinion About Travel?  

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime. -Mark Twain

There was a time in my life when I thought I had the definitive answers, especially when it came to religion.  But traveling opened my eyes to a larger world which revealed to me how small I was and how limited my world-view.  It showed me that I had been looking at the world through a paper towel tube.   It showed me that life is rarely black and white and never definitive.

Travel is fatal to narrow-mindedness, but many of my friends never leave their little part of their own city much less leave their country.  And those who do not venture out risk having a restricted view of religion, life, beauty, culture, empathy, compassion and love.


47 thoughts on “Do You Agree With My Opinion About Travel?  

    1. I had a few people yesterday express that it’s not necessary to travel to truly appreciate other cultures. Someone could watch videos and read about them. What are your thoughts?

      1. I’m sure armchair travel has its benefits and allows people who can’t afford (or don’t want) to leave their country the experience of different cultures but to me there’s nothing better than living it first hand, seeing the sights up close, smelling the locations, speaking to locals and learning their traditions. That’s just my opinion.

    1. I get what you are saying but the emotion of experience is powerful. Look at Malcolm X for a great example. His travels to the Middle East changed his entire world view. And not necessarily because he wanted it changed.

      1. Ah, the difference between wanting to be changed and being willing to recognize when it is happening. Malcolm went traveling with a brilliant and curious mind.

      2. Naive? No. Maybe its a question of Traveler versus Tourist versus Cruise Passenger/Resort Visitor. Does someone go places mainly to take selfies in front of landmarks and fill out a bucket list, or to truly explore a place and its people? Then, there are the very many business travelers who are going from one office tower to an almost indistinguishable other office tower. I got to thinking about Otzi, the Ice Man. The consensus is that he was going from somewhere in what is now Austria to what is now Italy to trade. Maybe he had done this some number of times before. What news and stories did he carry that would widen the view of the stay-at-homes? Was it need tha set him on the road,or some debt to pay, or exile, or family ties, or curiosity and wanderlust? We cannot know, but the context of any traveler’s journey is in that question, “Why did he/she/they go?”

  1. Just like traveling is a choice, traveling in such a way that your world view is changed is also a choice. So many people travel to and from all-inclusive resorts in far off lands without experiencing an ounce of culture.

      1. You can still experience some culture in the resorts. We met people on our way from airport to resort in Jamaica and seeing all the shacks on the way there with happy children and people waiving to us was the beginning. Then we talked to a lot of the workers, bar tenders who are locals. We also talked a lot to our taxi driver going to the marketplace in town.

        My point is that you have to be inquisitive enough to observe and ask questions about the culture to begin to understand it…communication is powerful if you have the eyes and hears to listen!!

      1. I think most are otherwise they would not be traveling. But I think there are those who just travel to say they did it and not to learn or see other cultures or people.

  2. I definitely agree with your opinion. It’s interesting that folks will sometimes travel abroad but won’t visit various region of the U.S. Taking a trip through all 50 states will open one’s eyes to the beauty right here, and I don’t meany the touristy spots. Customs and culture vary from region to region. 🙂

  3. I definitely agree with you. However, touristy travel has become a somewhat cliché experience. For example, millions of tourists arrive in Mexico (my native country) every year, but they don’t venture out beyond the cruise ship and resort experience. They don’t really interact with the country or its people, and I think that makes for a limited travel experience. In order to truly enjoy the mind-awakening benefits of travel, a person needs to step out beyond the cruise ships and resorts.

  4. I have traveled most all of my life and cannot imagine not having had that opportunity. Even though I wasn’t comfortable with it (my dad was in the military) when I was young, I got used to it as an adult. My former career also included some travel within the states, so I have to agree that it is vital to healthier way of seeing people and the world. Travel has not only widened my perception of different cultures, religions, ways of living, beliefs, etc, I would have to say that I would not have developed into who I am without it.

      1. Well, in my opinion..:) if you take into account all of the negativity in the world and how people seem to be mesmerized by it, and follow suit by focusing on negativity rather than a way to see the world as beautiful and an earth school, which I am sure someone would counter that point negatively. Because opinions are based on someone’s way of seeing the world there will always be those who love to counter with colored vision…no pun intended 🙂 after all the world can only be a better place if we choose to see it that way.

      1. I did before I had kids but still managing to get around with them. I’ve been to Europe several times, Hawaii, Mexico Jamaica, And several state in New England, SC, GA, CA, NV, AZ but I have a lot more to see before I die and I’m taking our kids with us! I love vacation traveling! How about you?

  5. Generally, that is very true. Unfortunately, I have met a few people who seem to travel only so they can reinforce their prejudices. They seem incapable of seeing what is before their eyes and when they get back home they invariably say to ‘I have been there, so I know!’

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