Let Me Ask You A Question – 3/27/17


I watch a lot of shows on gold mining because I find the process and the gamble to strike it rich mesmerizing.

Let me ask you a question:

What shows grab your curiosity and imagination on a deep level?    


72 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 3/27/17

  1. I must admit that forensic shows are fascinating!! They are like a train wreck, I can’t stop watching! Something about staring into the black hole that is true human nature speaks to me on a deep level.

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  2. I love watching shows that are focused on wildlife all around the world. am captivated with their way of adapting to modern life and their ability to overcome great odds of existence with so many humans encroaching into their habitat and how we can ensure their continuance into the future.

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  3. Historical fiction really sucks me in, some favorites in that genre are Hell on Wheels, Vikings, and Peaky Blinders. Anything with good character development and real dialog such as Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad. I enjoy competition based shows (cooking shows, Survivor, Ninja Warrior) but those don’t really qualify for your question.

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  4. I love tv. Not gonna lie. 🙂 But to answer your actual question, I’d say there are a few that really got into my head…ones that I can’t shake ya know? Sons of Anarchy, Hell on Wheels and The Walking Dead are all shows that I am completely captivated by. The common thread is the amazing writing and the true to life, full of flaws characters. The realness is what gets me. (yes even with the distraction of zombies)

    I also LOVE a good reality TV show and as far as imagination goes I’d say I’m Rupaul’s Drag Race wins by a landslide. These drag queens are ridiculously talented and I never get tired of watching their creativity.

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  5. Interesting piece of info for you. My Great Great Great Uncle was John “Cariboo” Cameron who was friends with Billy Barker. They were infamous in the Cariboo Gold Rush of Western Canada. There’s an interesting story about why my Grandmother would get her mouth washed out with soap if she mentioned his name but I will leave that for another time! 😀

    Okay, now don’t laugh – cooking shows and cake design, in particular, are my go-to’s. In fact, I just watched a video on how to make a roulette wheel cake with hidden compartments for three sweet fillings and three “not so sweet” for an April Fool’s cake. The not so sweet included tuna, wasabi mustard with S&V chips, and pickled peppers.!

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  6. I’m not a mechanic by any stretch. I can barely put gas in the car, but I love shows like Fast and Loud and others where old cars are rescued from the junk yard and transformed into something new with respect for the original design.

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