The Beginning and The End

This is The Courage To Shift!



My “girl” slipped away quietly in the night after two weeks of silent rituals in preparation for her final departure. Even though it was only a one-way trip, she’d overpacked and needed to lighten her load. It was more difficult than it should have been but she took a deep breath and eliminated the heaviest piece of luggage, guilt.  She had worn it like a second skin for years, but it would no longer serve a purpose in her new surroundings. This journey would be the most important of her life but could only be taken alone. Her already weakened heart skipped a beat when she considered traveling along the lonely roads and deserted highways, but remembering the purpose of her journey eased her fears. Annual family reunions were always the highlight of her year, especially since they offered yet another opportunity to rekindle strained relationships between feuding family members.


This particular reunion, however, would be the first of its kind. She would reconnect with…

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