Let Me Ask You A Question – 3/29/17


This morning’s inspirational poster talked about the importance of taking that first step toward improving oneself.

Let me ask you a question:


What one thing do you need to take that first step toward?

52 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 3/29/17

  1. For me it generally gets to the point that I don’t like the guy that looks back at me from my mirror. People don’t change unless they want to, nobody can make a person truly change. The encouragement and support I receive from my family helps me keep making steps, but no one can take that first step for you.

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  2. I should at least try to put some order in my life, set a routine, that would allow me to work on my writing more intelligently. I’d really like to take it to another level, but I don’t see it possible unless I make space for quality time with my thoughts. It will be a challenge, though, because my working schedules are pretty weird…. I guess we’ll just see what the future holds for me 😉


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