Principles For Prosperity

Th3 Platform!

Th3 Platform

You’ve probably heard of the prosperity “gospel” that can be summed up to the idea of “name it and claim it” types of prayer, but that is a gross misinterpretation of the Word. It’s not that desires for material things are wrong, but if they supersede God first and family second then you need to rethink your aspirations. God wants us to succeed financially! If you think about the people that received abundant favor from God in the Bible, David, Solomon, Job, Abraham, etc., you can see that God blesses His children. You might wonder why some of His children are blessed and not others. It may be that their time to reap a harvest has not come yet or maybe they aren’t tithing like they should or possibly that they still have some sinful habits that are holding them back from being blessed. No matter where you are currently…

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