At the beach


Jo Ann Maxwell

642CECB2-EAFA-4EEB-B0CF-6EC2556F3A4CHi my blogger family!

We’re having a mini family vacation at Emerald Isle North Carolina. We are celebrating my niece’s 20th birthday and my mother’s 90th.  The niece that is came with my mother and I is my younger brother’s daughter. My older brother’s daughter and her family received the vacation voucher from her husband’s work.  My older brother, his wife, and his daughter and her family are with us as well.

It is right on the beach and just a few steps to the ocean. However, there are stairs down to the beach and then a sand dune to climb up and then over and down to the beach by the ocean. Since I am not able  to navigate that path, I won’t be going to the ocean.

However, I hope you enjoyed the pictures.   It was very foggy this morning, and the waves were crashing into the…

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