Let Me Ask You A Question – 4/6/17



Are you doing what you believe in, or are you settling for what you are doing?  (and this doesn’t only apply to occupation)

62 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 4/6/17

  1. Ok, yes, I absolutely believe in what I’m doing, yet I know that I cannot believe the world in which I am doing it in so it’s very confusing sometimes so it feels often like I’m just doing life because I happen to be human right now and that nothing really means anything significant in a cosmic sense. Confusion and noise here on earth often makes me wonder about these kinds of things. #prisonearth strikes again. <3nikiV

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  2. At this point in time, I can honestly say I am doing what I believe in. This is probably the first time ever that I could say it. I am writing, which was always my first love, I am an advocate for invisible illness trying to spread knowledge and reduce stigma, and I am a loving wife trying to look after my husband the best I can.

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      • Yep that too. Occupation wise I actually took a step back from trying to have a huge career and took a job with more stable hours and less stress. I am not saving the world through the day, but I am much happier and a better person to be around. And I have my blog and am a contributing writer to some sites. I guess I believe that no matter what I am doing, that I should try to be kind and helpful and compassionate wherever I am at to whoever I am around. I think I do that.

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  3. Well, I was doing what I had hoped to be doing. Had a good job and was thinking about retirement. However, my hours got cut, and I’m now working part time. It’s an adjustment, but I’ll get through it. Looking for a job when you are over 50 is challenging. If anyone had any tips, I would appreciate them.

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  4. I am FINALLY doing it! It’s been a journey. My blog has become my anchor and I love it. I am overcoming fears and pursuing my DREAMS. It feels so good to be in a position to help others and that is what I am building. So – YES!

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  5. I am wholeheartedly settling. I don’t have the ability to do what I want to, the funds are not available and Alaska is looking like only a dream. I would love to write a blog about traveling to Alaska (and all the states) while suffering with a chronic illness. How to do it, what to make it easier and living and learning.

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  6. I am doing what I believe in. I think I always have in terms of life, relationships and work. Sometimes that comes at a cost both to me and to others but frankly it is the only way to live. I have no regrets. And…interestingly enough …most of the people close to me are the same. they are doing what they believe in as well.

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    • You are so right on the money with your perspective, Don. Some people think that they cannot live a life of fulfillment and passion simply because they don’t work a job they 100% love. My point to them is always use your job as a mechanism to fund your life of joy and passion. Work isn’t always about passion, but life is. Hope that makes sense. lol

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  7. I must admit I have been struggling as of late. There are things I believe in that haven’t been prioritized properly. I’ve allowed the chaos at work to affect my personal time. It’s been an effort just to take care of myself the way I should. I’ve learned that if I don’t make THAT a priority, I become much less productive (if that’s even possible!) I have hope that my work life will smooth out soon and I will get back on track at home as well (I got plants that need plantin’!!)

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  8. I feel like I would like to do more, but don’t have the resources (time, energy, etc.) I can’t be too hard on myself, but I hate to lapse into complacency either.

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