Today’s Featured Reblog is…Transcribing Memory!

Transcribing Memory!


I’ve spoken before about the ghosts in these pages.  About how the majority of the people, major roles and walk on parts a like, are no longer here.  This is the vertigo of looking into the past and getting to know those there.  It’s difficult to say but the Babu of those pages is a ghost as well.  She is now 99 and sometimes talks to me about feeling useless and tired.  She talks about not being able to do much, being “just a big baby,” about being a “burden.”  She doesn’t talk about being scared.  She doesn’t talk quite as if she isn’t either.

high school

I haven’t talked about the ghosts in this house either.  I guess, being that I’m skeptical, calling them voices would be more accurate.

Babu often hears her parents speak.  She hears them just talking or talking to each other but never to her.  She can…

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