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Take A Walk!

take a walk

We have this tendency to think we are invincible- untouchable to the point of disregard for consequences or outcomes. I’ve heard it many times, angry parents, frustrated teachers, misunderstood friends, all wondering why someone they love acts as though nothing can touch them. Sometimes bad things seem impossible to those that are out of reach. Naivety, is a common title for this mindset.

But then I was asked this question: “What does it feel like, to believe in God?”

I thought about this concept of convincing ourselves we are invulnerable in times nothing is wrong. Then, I thought about that same question, and why I asked it before I found my faith.

Believing and knowing God, means having an enduring armor- everlasting. It means I have a strong defense always, protecting my heart from the fear and grief that is so tempting to fall into it. It feels like I…

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