How to eat healthy: A guide to meal delivery services

The Purple Almond!

The Purple Almond

In our hectic, fast paced lives, it is often difficult to shop, plan prepare and cook healthy food. In previous editions of How to eat healthy, I’ve covered “grocery store delivery“, “finding seasonal produce“, and “finding quality meat“.  However, although these options have groceries delivered to your door, which is helpful, you still have to plan, prepare and cook healthy food.

Not to worry… In today’s edition of “How to eat heathy”, I’ve investigated 10 different meal prep and delivery services. I have included videos with each service to give you more information. So, if you have considered using one of these services, but aren’t sure which one to use, my guide can help you figure out the best one for you.

On with the show!

Hello Fresh

  • 50% off first box
  • Most meals ready in 30 minutes
  • 10 recipes from which to choose
  • No indication…

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