Let Me Ask You A Question – 4/13/17


Let me ask you a question…and be completely honest:

How much importance do you place on what others think of you?   

112 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 4/13/17

  1. Not a lot. But still do sometimes nonetheless. I feel like the older I’m getting, the more I’m comfortable and accepting about myself. The younger I was, the more I cared about what others thought, because I didn’t know myself yet, therefore there was a constant contradiction in my mind about what I should be and who I should follow as an example.

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  2. I like to think, not a great deal, but I could be fooling myself. More realistically, I suppose it depends on who the “others” are and whether their opinions might make a significant difference in my life. The opinions of your boss are of more weight than those of some guy in line at the grocery store, for example. I’m also fond of a saying I learned from a coworker who was at the time marking his 37th birthday in AA; “Other people’s opinions about me are none of my business.” He didn’t say that was an easy discipline to practice.

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  3. To be honest, not very much. I really only care up to the point where I don’t want to violate major social norms. For the most part, I use what I believe is what God expects of me. Some things I will not do because I feel that it is something I cannot do in good conscience but that is personal.

    At first, I cared a lot. It came to a point where it was keeping me from being happy with myself or my life. I guess you can say I went from one extreme to another. 🙂

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  4. I place a high value on what ‘some’ others think of me. My husband, son, certain family members…friends.
    I want those people to like/love me and respect me. I actually think it’s important to have people in our lives that matter that much to us. I think wanting to please certain people is totally ok. It’s why it matters so much more when someone on your list tells you that they are proud of you or that you rocked at something. If no one elses opinion mattered those moments wouldn’t feel so good.

    All that said, it’s also important to be comfortable enough in your thoughts and beliefs to disagree with those same people that matter so much. 🙂

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  5. I used to be bothered, and worry quite a lot. I still am a little concerned now, but not as much as before – especially after my experiences. My Healing Journey has been a great one; I’ve learned a lot and it’s not even complete yet. I do as much good as I can, but I will make mistakes; I’m only human. I think at times, some of us can be too hard on ourselves.

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  6. There was a time, seems like a lifetime ago, where I held so little value to my life that even the slightest glance in my direction from anyone was received as a disaproval somehow. Fortunately a very long 10 year abusive relationship taught me to be stronger than I thought possible and to believe in myself. So now, other peoples opinions don’t matter in the slightest. The people that matter to me may not understand what I do but they love me and will not judge my journey. The people that don’t know me, I don’t care. They are entitled to their opinion, I wish them well but their opinion is theirs and I don’t give a rats ass what it might be because it has no long or short term impact on me.

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      • Yes but not in the way I think you mean. The people in my life that I love and value accept and love me unconditionally. For example, I am traveling next week as a part of a group seeking justice for Prince’s murder. My Mother doesn’t understand and thinks I’m a little nuts that I have daily conversations with what she sees as dead people, but she loves and respect’s my beliefs. I value that respect and unconditional love. The fact that she doesn’t understand is her truth, not mine, so it doesn’t affect me. There is only one opinion that matters to me and that is the opinion of the Godhead. Everyone else can either accept and respect me for who I am, or not. I will not condem or judge anyone for what they believe and I expect the same in return.

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  7. Way too much. I’ve made at least one decision I regretted based on outside pressure. And after I got married I’m in a constant struggle not to put my parents’ thoughts as such a major factor in making decisions. It’s hard to transfer that to my husband to the degree I want to. It can get as silly as me not wanting my family to find out I read Harry Potter, so using a friend’s library account to check it out rather than the family account. But I am beginning to improve.

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