Let Me Ask You A Question – 4/16/17


As Evelina and I look to start a family, the discussion of religion has come to my mind a lot.  What tradition will we raise our kids?  Is it important?  Let me ask you a question…

How much importance do you place on the spiritual part of your life?  

38 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 4/16/17

  1. The spiritual part is very prominent in our house. My wife and I are both spiritual, and both have our own discussions with God. The “religious” part, however, is not. I was raised a Catholic, my wife was raised a Baptist. Neither of us are church goers any longer, for our own reasons. But, our kids have been educated on such matters. They’ve been to church, and we’re all baptized in my MIL’s church in Mississippi, an Episcopalian. But it’s not an every Sunday ritual. When at home, and we are invited to a service, it’s at a Unitarian. That’s a bit more our speed. So, yes, I think spiritual and, to a reasonable degree, ecumenical education and practical use is a good thing. We just don’t feel the need to do so in a church setting. I also think, as a side note, that both parents should either agree on the matter, or be willing to compromise. Religious or spiritual differences can be problematic.

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  2. First, I don’t see “religious” and “spiritual” as synonymous or interchangeable at all. I was raised without formal religious instruction (indoctrination). To the extent that I was exposed, mostly in reading, to the stories of the Bible, I also found the stories of the Greek/Roman gods, and the Egyptians and Mesopotamians, and others, and none was presented as more or less true than the others. It was all literature, history, and folklore. Truth, to the extent that it could be found was to be found in science. So, I don’t claim membership or adherence to any religion.

    Spirituality, in a broad sense is another matter. I see the great teachings of religions, and philosophies, and practices such as Yoga, prayer, and meditation, as pointing at deep truths, most of which are difficult or impossible to encompass with dualistic language, of what it is to be a conscious human trying to live well. That is very important to me.

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  3. Religion to me is comprised of rituals. To me relationship with God is so important. Lord, what are you saying to me now? Listening and being in relationship with Jesus, Holy Spirit and Daddy God. It is personal and is woven into how my life is lived. It changes me for the better. It is important to raise children knowing there is a personal Father God who gave his son so we can be in relationship with him as his child. Jesus paid the price for this relationship and cheers us on, interceding with the Father for us. Holy Spirit, lives inside of us and teaches and leads us into all truth. My relationship with God has changed my life and contiues to change me. His incredible love for me, transforms me. For your future children, it is not the ritusls but the loving relationship with God that they will need.

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  4. I personally place a lot of importance on it, but it boils down to what you and your spouse agree on, together. I think it is something that should be discussed before a wedding, so there are no disagreements when starting a family. ~Peace, Tina

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  5. Danny – I have to concur with the advice you have already received. I place more emphasis on faith and a rich personal relationship with God. I’m not interested in attending church and man-made religiosity. I treat others with the love I desire to receive and I’m extremely grateful for all I’m blessed with. Teaching your children by modeling faith and showing love and kindness will go along way.

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  6. That’s a complicated issue, but it’s a very personal one. It’s very important that both partners agree on how they will raise children, but you don’t have to follow someone else’s guidelines. Ultimately, a person’s (your child’s) spiritual journey will be their own. My husband is Catholic, and I’m more non-denominational (my father is Presbyterian, my mother is Catholic), but we are both spiritual people. We’re not very devoted, not very church-going, but we believe and God and we have discussed faith and spiritual issues with our children. My husband and I believe it is our job as parents to start our kids on their own spiritual journey, but it’s up to them to see where it takes them.

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  7. As a Christian, it’s the FOUNDATION of everything in my own personal life.
    I’m not married yet, but when I do get married, my husband & I will have to be on the same page, so we can jointly teach our children together. Which I believe, would be our responsibility as parents.

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  8. It’s very important. Faith gives you fellowship with a caring community and a sense of compassion. My wife teaches religious education, I play the piano with the choir and my daughter is going to be an altar server at our Catholic church. Even if the ‘supernatural’ aspects of faith are not 100% accurate, the lessons learned are valuable.

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    • Couldn’t one argue that there is a major difference between religion and spirituality? I believe having a awareness of humanity and participating in making other’s lives better is spiritual.


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