Fearless needs your advice!

Jo Ann Maxwell

overwhelmedI have to be honest, I am getting overwhelmed by the blogosphere. I have 310 followers here at WordPress, I’ve written 256 posts, I’ve had 7125 views, 2478 visitors and my best day ever was 201 views.  And then add all of the posts of the 310 followers and that’s a huge number! And then add 363 followers on Facebook, 165 on Twitter, 48 on Pinterest (just started), and 729 connections on LinkedIn.  I do not have enough time in a 24 hour day to stay connected like I want, or maybe I should.  I saw one post that had 450 comments. It boggles my mind!

So I’m asking for some help.  What are your tricks to stay in touch with people? How do you manage your time? What time management skills do you employ?

Please don’t say “just do the best you can” or “you’re doing fine”. I really…

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