13 thoughts on “Multiple Sclerosis and Exercise

  1. You’re right about thinking positive. So many people think of what they can’t do instead of focusing what they can do…and that goes for everyone, not just m.s. sufferers. Nice to see you out and about. The weather looks fab there. Whereabouts are you? Bernie xxx

      1. I didn’t think it would erase the pain, but maybe ease it a bit and release some tension in the hip joint, since I have chronic pain in my legs as well. I was lucky enough to find a class where it wasn’t about speed just getting my breathing right and doing my best. There’s no criticism or compulsion.

      2. I understand where you are coming from. Honestly, my eating has a huge impact on how my body feels. Right now I am in the process of eating better and shedding some winter weight. When I gain weight I can feel it dramatically.

      3. Yes I agree. They both play a part for me as well. Fall and Winter were very hard on me health wise so I gained weight as well. Now I have to work it off with diet and exercise. My thyroid condition puts me at a disservice with that too.. You feel tired and sluggish all the time if your medication isn’t working. And diet can help or hinder.

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