Understanding Stress

Being Lydia!

ForSaleOkay, I know that title is a little ironic. After all, stress can come from not understanding or not being prepared for a situation.

In one of the groups I am in, someone asked how to deal with stress when you have fibromyalgia. People were giving tips on diet, sleep, exercise, etc. I mentioned deep breathing techniques.

But the truth is, the best way to deal with stress is to understand where it comes from and see if you can change that situation.

For me, stress comes from many sources. Trying to manage chronic pain from several different sources is certainly one way. I can handle the all-over pain of osteoarthritis or fibromyalgia. But add in a migraine, toothache, sinus infection, backache and/or my hernia and I get stressed. My mind can only manage so many things at once and then it starts complaining in the way of stress.


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