58 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 4/19/17

  1. There are two ultimate answers to the question, “Why?”. One follows the path of asking it of an event, then the preceding event, then the event before that, and so on to a first cause – in science, the Big Bang – in theology, God. The other goes the other direction toward a final purpose of existence. Neither is really answerable except in some version of metaphysics, pure speculation, or theology.

    Then there is the existential version, “Why me?, usually asked when something unwelcome happens in our personal life. The two usual answers are, “Why not?” and “Its part of God’s plan that you don’t understand.”

    Or, it is the question we ask seeking someone’s motive, most often because we thing they did a bad thing or an action we do not understand.

    And, perhaps the most frequent occasion for the question is a toddler’s response to a parental command or suggestion, and that can be the hardest of all versions to answer beyond, “Because I’m the grownup, that’s why.”

    Fun question.

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