Balance: The Gray Road to Happiness

The Bipolar Storyteller!

The Bipolar Storyteller

Alright! Now that we’ve gotten rid of those pesky and boring explanations of Mania and Depression that I felt obligated to write, it’s time to get to the fun stuff: helping others and spreading my out of the box theory on life, a theory I like to call “The Gray-Zone Theory.”  Yes, I do realize that the Gray Zone is probably has a real meaning that isn’t what I’m talking about and no, I could not care less (unless it’s a legal issue in which I apologize and if you contact me I’ll be more than happy to find a new name for it.  Please don’t sue, I’m a broke college student.)

“Lo, Lo, what in the world is this Gray-Zone Theory you’re talking about.” Don’t worry baby birds, I’ll feed you. (I did steal that one from Daniel Tosh.  He’s funnier than me.)  The Gray-Zone Theory is a theory…

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